What is dental and smile aesthetics?

Dental and smile beautification depends on accurate detection and treatment of teeth and gums. Computer assistance to solve problems of color, shape and structural disorder. Dental and smile aesthetics are performed by our expert doctors in this field.

Main related areas:

Disorders related to the arrangements of the teeth, their shape, color, size, and the gaps between them

Periodontal problems and their incidence

Asymmetry in the smile, missing teeth

Dental implants

What are the treatments included in cosmetic dentistry and smile?

Teeth whitening:

This treatment is done to lighten the color of the teeth. On laser whitening for light or moderately discolored teeth, between resorting to home whitening in the case of severe discoloration of teeth Pink cosmetic (plastic gum surgery): The aesthetic applications of the gums are called “pink cosmetic”. The gums are beautified using a dental laser. The dental laser can treat the gums without the need for local anesthesia and without bleeding or pain, which allows to speed up the recovery period and obtain the desired result.

Zircon crowns:

Artificial porcelain teeth are composed mainly of zirconium, which provides a significant advantage with light transmittance and transparency. Impress and Impress Max crowns: Impress and Impress Max porcelain provide an image closer to natural teeth, and are weighted due to their obvious advantages.

Dental implants:

This process is carried out by implanting an implant made of titanium that is compatible with the tissues of the body in the jaw bone, where obvious problems related to tooth loss can be fixed without the need to cut healthy teeth. (0.3-0.7) on the visible surfaces of the teeth to solve the problems of the shape and color of the teeth in a short period, which gives a beautiful and bright smile Composite: It is an application where special materials are added to change the color or shape of the teeth, to enlarge the teeth or for restoration aesthetic

What is the technology (CAM / CAD) that makes a difference in the beautification of teeth and smile?

Computer aided dental design and manufacturing is the latest technology used in the world’s finest clinics that provides successful results in cosmetic dentistry and smile. The main differences achieved by CAD/CAM technology in different stages of cosmetic dentistry and smile treatments are imaging and taking measurements with the help of a computer. As the traditional impression procedure may cause nausea to the patient. Also, this procedure does not allow obtaining measurements of good quality, and thus does not produce artificial teeth that are compatible with the structure of the mouth with the correct measurement (CAD / CAM) technology. Accurate data transfer to the computer to obtain a clear three-dimensional image Computer-assisted design The classic application The traditional application may require several cumbersome sessions, as the design produced according to the measurements taken cannot be seen until after its completion, and therefore it is impossible to make any modification to it as desired, which causes Loss of time and dissatisfaction with the patient (CAD/CAM) technology enables this system to produce all kinds of dental and gum designs in a digital environment thanks to the accurate transfer of the structure of the mouth to the computer, and therefore, after the appearance of the design on the screen, the patient’s requests can be met with what the doctor deems appropriate for him . With the application of the laser, it is possible to treat the gums and provide pink cosmetics. Computer-assisted production. The classic application. The process of producing teeth in the traditional way takes days and requires rehearsals. It can also lead to errors in measurements and thus inaccurate production. The success of the restoration depends on the expertise and accuracy of the laboratory that produces it. The restoration may not be able to comply with the measurements of the mouth of the teeth, which may cause problems such as gaps between the teeth that result in the accumulation of food (CAD / CAM) technology. . A suitable formula can be extracted with oral measurements in a very limited time, sometimes not exceeding one day. The application of (CAD/CAM) allows more aesthetics in the production of teeth and the use of materials that are more compatible with the human body.