Dermatological treatments

Turkey has become one of the main destinations for those wishing to undergo plastic surgery from all over the world, especially the Middle East region, so that it is ranked among the countries in the world that perform this type of operations the most and is a strong competitor to the group of leading European countries in this field. The credit goes back to several reasons, including the low prices of plastic surgery in Turkey, in addition to the subjection of Turkish medical institutions to the supervision of government agencies that ensure the application of the quality standards of medical services established by them and the adoption of cosmetic clinics on the latest modern technologies in plastic surgery and the devices that have been reached.

Dermapen - Dermapen

Dermapen application is a very comprehensive procedure used in many skin rejuvenation and treatments. Dermapen application is a very reliable procedure that affects the skin deeply without damaging the epidermal layer of the skin. The head of the Dermapen device contains micro-needles with 25/50 mm and 1 cm / 2 cm spacers. Different needles are applied for each procedure and patient. Dermapen can be applied to the face and hair as well as all over the body. Dermapen accelerates collagen production in the area where it is applied and provides skin reconstruction. With a Dermapen, damaged tissues react and begin to repair themselves. It is used in the following procedures:

  • in skin rejuvenation
  • In rejuvenating the skin and reducing wrinkles
  • In narrowing and tightening large and open pores
  • In removing acne scars
  • In the treatment of skin blemishes
  • In the treatment of skin cracks
  • during hair treatments


It is the application of non-surgical resurfacing to the face, jaw, abdomen, arms, upper legs and buttocks with radiofrequency. The most important feature of Thermage is a non-surgical face and body lift in one session. It affects 8 mm below the skin, contracting and shortening the collagen fibers in the area with the heat it produces. Aim for an average of 15% improvement and firmness of your skin even after you leave the procedure.
It is among the non-surgical, fast-acting face-lift applications Collagen begins to multiply after approximately 2 months It reaches its final shape at the end of 6 months A slight pink color may occur on your skin This application is suitable for anyone between the ages of 30 and 60

Laser peeling - laser skin treatment

With the effect of heat in laser therapy, stem cells and collagen in the deep skin tissues are stimulated and healing is provided. Many congenital or acquired pigmentary rashes are now being treated with laser. Laser treatments can be planned as 1 session or 3-6 sessions at intervals of at least 4-6 weeks, depending on the patient’s needs. It can be performed in the same session with different treatments to contribute to skin rejuvenation. After application, the patient should not be exposed to sunlight and not use a solarium. Short-term redness may be observed after the procedure. It is recommended to apply sunscreen. It is used for the following applications:

Allows to treat and remove spots and acne scars

It lightens the surface skin tone of cells that suffer from discoloration

Treats moles and discolored spots

Thread Lift - golden threads

With age, the tissues that give shape to the face begin to succumb to gravity and the first changes of aging appear on the face. In the process of aging sagging and wrinkles on the face occur due to reduced holding strength of weakened connective tissue, displacement of subcutaneous fat pads, relaxation of facial muscles and loss of elastic collagen fibres. While deformities that occur on the face due to aging can primarily be corrected with facelifts, several alternatives have been developed for patients who do not wish to have surgery.

Makes the face clear, raises the eyebrows, removes sagging on the chin and neck line, provides results close to face-lift operations

Carbon peeling

It is a skin care application that works with a laser system that is used to reduce and clean pores and small spots and treat scars. Carbon peeling is also an effective skin rejuvenation treatment in balancing excess oil on the skin and drying up active acne. By using carbon, it is possible to have a brighter, livelier, and dead skin-free complexion. Laser applied carbon peel is a procedure that you can perform safely and has no side effects.

It is used in the following procedures:

Removing skin spots caused by the effect of the sun or aging

Narrowing enlarged pores

Correction and prevention of skin elasticity

Stimulate collagen and increase production

Reduction and removal of fine wrinkles

Improve skin tone and radiance

Provide oil balance to the skin and remove excess sebum

Removal of black spots on drying skin and prevention of active acne

Permanent makeup

A natural water-based paint consisting of colored pigments for specific areas needed by the body. Painted on the skin layer and not on the epidermis, the application remains on the skin for life. The places that can be applied are the eyebrows, eyelashes and lip. Who can permanent makeup be applied to?

Those who do not want to waste time on make-up

Those who do not want to wash off their makeup and have to clean it constantly

Those who experience discomfort that prevents them from using makeup (eye problems, hand tremors, etc.)

Those who suffer from abnormalities in their eyebrows People whose eyebrows fall out or sparse due to medical interventions or natural causes People whose eyelashes are few or unnoticeable

Those who do not have clear lip borders

Those who suffer from loss of pigment (color) around the lips Those who suffer from a problem in the cleft lip
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Side panels

Laser epilation - laser hair removal

Laser hair removal works on the principle of selective photolysis. With the intense transmission of the unique light through the colored hair, the concentrated heat energy in the hair root causes damage to the hair for a long time. It is possible to get a permanent result with laser hair removal. While there is more than one device in laser technology, one of the devices we use is to provide a permanent method of hair removal


laser diode

ndyag laser

HIFU - HIFU for facelift

It is a high-precision medical process in which ultrasound waves are sent by means of three types of probes to three different depths of layers under the surface of the skin in order to heat these deep layers at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius in a period of half a second to one second, and this results in: Muscles (by affecting the outer membrane of the tendons and ligaments) start a natural process called “Neocollagenesis” during which the existing collagen is strengthened and the body is stimulated to produce new collagen so that the skin begins to regain its freshness. HIFU is a non-surgical procedure for face and neck lift, and it is characterized by: It is noticeable and does not require a recovery period. It is suitable for those who suffer from sagging skin around the mouth, eyes, or folds in the skin of the neck, and those who suffer from fine lines and wrinkles.

Filler – Lip fillers

It is a process through which the spaces between the cells of the lips are filled with some materials that differ from each other in properties and uses, and they all share the fact that they give the lips a youthful and fresh appearance, and increase their fullness and beauty. It is widely believed among the public that filler is the name of the material used in the injection process, and this is incorrect because the process itself is called filler, with different names and composition of the materials used in the injection process. Where can they be used? the cheekbones the pits that run down from the edges of the nose (nasolabial lines) the pits from the mouth to the chin inside or around the lip wrinkles on and around the lips to raise the eyebrows or correct asymmetry to the chin part to extend and shape the chin to the tip of the nose to lift it lines between the eyebrows caused by frowning

JetPeel – skin care

It delivers the natural elements (water, oxygen, minerals, solutions and vitamins) needed by the skin to the dermis layer thanks to its special heads without touching the skin. Thanks to its special openings designed according to the application to be performed, at the end of the procedure, the skin will have a more vibrant, radiant and youthful appearance than it is. (It is not applied in fungal skin diseases and vitiligo) Its benefits: Combines compressed air and saline solution Accelerates the passage of medicines and vitamins to the lower layers of the skin Opens the pores Allows the removal of accumulated parts and dead skin

UltraShape – Ultra Shape for slimming

It is the latest technology that allows shaping your body without any medical intervention. It was created by combining focused ultrasound technology with the benefits of radio frequency. It is a convenient treatment method that breaks down fat cells and tightens the skin without damaging the blood vessels, nerves, and skin in the targeted area. The broken down fat cell content is processed by normal metabolic pathways. It does not cause redness, bruising, swelling or discomfort after treatment on the skin with focused ultrasound technology. It is a method applied in the clinic and takes about 1-1.5 hours. Since there is no healing process after the treatment, it will not have a negative impact on your daily life. It does not require any maintenance after the procedure, the results are long-lasting and the fat cells are destroyed permanently. It gives successful results in getting rid of sitting fat that you cannot get rid of with diet or exercise such as hips, abdomen and waist.

Intracel – Intracell

It is offered as an alternative to plastic surgery in skin rejuvenation applications, and it is accepted as the most popular technology in America and Europe in recent days. Radio gold needle application. After making some systemic adjustments according to the thickness of the person’s skin, the type of problem, and the level of skin relaxation the applicator head touches the skin and the process begins. While other methods of getting rid of facial wrinkles affect the bottom layer of the skin, they may also pose a risk of damaging the surface of the skin. In the Intracel app,

There is no danger like inserting needles into the skin and impacting the bottom. Chemical peeling is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to improve the overall appearance of the skin and eliminate wrinkles. It works on peeling the outer layers of the skin and renewing skin cells by applying a combination of several chemicals and acids to the area to be peeled in varying degrees, and it is left for a certain period to be determined by the doctor. Then it is removed and the skin begins to exfoliate itself. This procedure does not require complete anesthesia except in one case, and chemical peeling is used to treat several skin problems and defects, such as: acne effects and scars, elimination of dark spots and dark circles, treatment of minor and medium wrinkles, irregular skin color, sun damage, freckles and melasma, dry skin Wide pores Swelling and loosening of the skin Whitening of the genital area Of course, there are reasons for blackness in these areas, also known as the bikini area. Before delving into these reasons, we should not forget that darkening of the vaginal area may occur over time or may be congenital. We can list the most important causes of vaginal darkening as follows: Darkening of the vagina due to hormones Congenital darkening of the vagina Darkening of the vagina due to irritation Darkening of the genital area due to sweating Vaginal whitening procedures can depend on the main reasons mentioned above, in addition to other reasons. It is beneficial to be examined by an experienced dermatologist. However, researching at-home vaginal whitening procedures may be helpful.

Intracel – Intracell

Although jawline fillers appear to be done for one purpose, it is beneficial because this cosmetic procedure has more to its core. We can list the main reasons for filling the jaw line as follows: Sharpening round facial lines, giving a triangular shape Contributing to the healing of the tickling area To clarify the harmony between the lips and chin To remove sagging cheeks It is made of hyaluronic acid, this type of filler can achieve more permanent results and also gain Natural looking due to the natural ingredients