Show stomach muscles

Two thirds of adults are fat, being fit today is the exception rather than the rule. Not every sports person can get a cut stomach, those with this trait are rare. When you get a trimmed stomach, you will be among the elite in the fitness world

Why is it difficult to get an athletic body with muscles easily?

Factors that determine the athletic body and muscles:

The percentage of the body’s tendency to increase muscle mass
fat percentage
Body fat distribution
The sleep pattern
A regular, long-term exercise programme
Body and physical strength

One of the most important criteria for determining an athletic body and muscles is heredity, as the body’s tendency to increase muscle mass and adipose tissue distribution is an inherited factor. For this reason, it may be difficult to get an athletic body for some, while some get an athletic body and muscles without spending much effort.

What is muscle plastic surgery?

  • The process of shaping and sculpting the body that is applied to enable the person to obtain a healthy, symmetrical, dynamic, athletic body and prominent muscles Preserving or enhancing the fatty tissue in the areas where the muscles are located, and relying on the liposuction technique to pull the fatty tissue surrounding the muscles to make them visible and more Visibly works to form muscle mass and reveal the muscles that are naturally noticeable in sports bodies. No material or external implants are used on the body, but only the muscles in the body are highlighted to create the appearance of a body sculpted with muscles appropriately.

Who is suitable for muscle plastic surgery?

A skinny athlete with muscles, especially when it is not possible to obtain results. It is suitable for middle-aged women and men who want an athletic body for those who do not suffer from obesity, but rather from the accumulation of unwanted fatty tissue for those who have difficulty developing and highlighting muscle tissue for those who want to obtain a body with muscles in a short period of time. Briefly, no material or external implants are used on the body, but only the muscles in the body are highlighted to create the appearance of an appropriately muscular sculpted body.

What are the advantages of muscle plastic surgery?

Painless surgery, an operation that is applied in a short period of time through small surgical incisions 4-5 mm in the folds of the body. The recovery period and treatment are short, and the results are dynamic, muscular, athletic body immediately after the operation

How is the process done?

The doctor defines the abdominal muscles of the patient with illustrative lines to serve as a guide during surgery to highlight the individual muscle structure of the patient and then makes several small incisions in the abdominal lines, but they are not clear. A cannula or a flexible tube is inserted through these incisions to sculpt the abdomen through Removal of excess fat around the contours of the patient’s abdominal muscles. After surgery, 4-5 scars remain, which are very small, ¼ inch or less in length.

recovery phase

Slight pain may be felt during the next few days of the operation after the surgery. One night stay in the hospital is enough after the operation. A medical corset is required for a month. You can remove it while taking a shower. Swelling and bruising may occur at low levels in the first 10 days.